…and we’re back!

I logged into my alternate email at a friend’s bachelorette for some reason or another and stumbled upon all the notifications for this blog. It then led me to read all my previous posts (yikes! Never a pleasant experience.) My mind races with edits and criticism, “look at that syntax. You’ve always had a problem with syntax. Ugh there’s another run on sentence.” However, in the end, 2014 me did way better than 2015 me by a long shot. I’ve finished 27 books this year (according to goodreads) and I’ve written nothing on them. Zip. Zero. Nada. As I scramble to even make my 50 book reading challenge, I’m going to try to recap everything I’ve read to boot. Good luck to me. 23 books in 1 month is very very optimistic. I have been accused of such optimism in other areas of life as well, mainly time estimates.

On that note, happy Thursday. Can’t wait to jump on the train to write my first review of the year.